Travel Experiences 8 items are necessary when traveling

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Travel Experiences 8 items are necessary when traveling

1. Identification

Whether traveling domestically or abroad then you ever have to carry identification.
If a foreign tourist must prepare passports, identity cards, checking tickets and hotel reservation papers or other services. In case of accompanying children must bring a birth certificate for the baby.
Photo identification. You should focus on identification of the family to easily find
But domestic travel, you must bring ID card / driver, train tickets, booking and documentation services to the hotel registration procedures

2. Cash, ATM card

You would think that of course is traveling will have to carry money. But you still have to prepare carefully for the road base was sometimes forgotten. You need to prepare cash reserves and foreign travel if it is indispensable to have to change money before leaving that country.
Also, do not forget to bring your ATM card to run out of money in case of emergency can call for support by relatives.

3. Cosmetic bag = fragrant cool trick

Initiative to prepare yourself for a bag of cosmetics including creams, sunscreen, lotion, cleanser, shampoo ...

Especially toothbrush and toothpaste is indispensable in your travels. A small tube of toothpaste, do not take much area will be more convenient to move and travel. With it, you'll feel confident and comfortable.

Moreover those unexpected moments and romantic kisses throughout the trip will make you feel more confident with him.
4. Bags medicines, medical devices

Do not forget to prepare the medicine bag when traveling individuals, such as cold medicines, personal tape, hydrogen peroxide, insect bite medication, oil and wind, abdominal pain medicine, motion sickness medicine, aircraft ... to prevent the at a cold or misadventure, night or strange places that you are not familiar paths should not be bought.
5. Footwear with soft soles
When traveling you must move often and walk a lot. So if you wear high heels or hardware will be a big mistake because it will make your feet blisters.
You should be prepared canvas shoes, soft sport, stand by for easy walking, climbing. If sailing, you should prepare a pair of sandals for walking on the sea.

6. Paper towels, hand towels, bath towels

When traveling you should prepare a wet paper towel for easy clean hands when moving the car or while eating. Also, the towels and bath towels are also indispensable in your journey.

Although the hotel where you will prepare to face towels and towels for you, but to ensure the hygiene and health for yourself then you should take the best.

7. Gel washing dry

Normally, we do not pay attention to these things, but to ensure their health and loved ones of the trip, you need to bring antibacterial soap to keep hands clean, reduced ability of food poisoning.

However, when traveling in cars or to places where there is no water available to wash, the antibacterial hand gel is a very handy solution. You and those who come along do not have to rinse with water while maintaining bactericidal, deodorant for hands, very suitable for travel and outdoor activities.
8. The camera, charger and spare battery

Camera indispensable for you to record moments and beautiful places you will come on a trip, so that later you can "show off" to everyone and keep your family memories.

Do not forget to prepare extra battery charger and a pair of battery backup to the battery at all but there is so much beauty, you will regret Gil.